Dyson Upright Is Downright Intelligent

I am not sure whether to begin my vacuum cleaner review with a listing of reasons why I love my present machine, the yellow and gray Dyson upright, or about the incident involving the preceding vacuum, the Hoover Boss, and a second story window at my home.
Let’s start backwards. Today, I use one of the many thoughtfully-engineered Dyson upright vacuum cleaners, the “Ball Multi Floor 2”, in yellow. I am often asking: What is it that sets this little peace-maker apart from the others? Is it the light weight? Or, is it’s responsive and giving spirit? Or, could it be the impressive, if fearsome, suction? Or the fact that the device allows its owner to probe, care for and cure the home with ease?
I call it a peace maker, because it calms me—the primary vacuum Commandeer of the house- by picking up every last trace of incessant dog hair, food and detritus of the day, while issuing, without fail, a lovely, crisp, empoweringly-clean result. It is as if my Dyson Upright, without saying it, commands that I breath, deeply and with impunity!