Our Mission

HumorKiss is an Online “Go-To Place” for relief and knowledge and answers.We are an Online tabloid, if you will, comprised of truthful news reporting as well as provocative musings that ponder our complex society and this hardened and harsh world. HumorKiss sets out to reaffirm that sometimes, actually, our life on earth means well by us. It has good intentions, and this life of ours will do us right provided we surround ourselves with compassionate people, extinguish the wrong ones, and try to think the best thoughts we can. HumorKiss hopes to be enlightening, edifying, loving, brilliant, sexy, titillating, deep and honest. It is, in part, a resource for the beleaguered in a driven world, which, ultimately, makes it a resource for everyone, everywhere, and for all ages: men, women, couples, singles, boys, girls, teens, and, equally, for the disenfranchised, the disabled, the elderly and, particularly, the lonely, all of whom are overwhelmed, at one time or another–or all the time–by their respective feelings of “smallness” in a frighteningly vast and fast non-stop global scavenger hunt. We are sincere and we will partner with like-minded groups, while providing information, endorsements, support, leads, love, humor, hope–and, importantly, good independent writing! We derive our mission from an insight of Sigmund Freud about the essence of living life: “Love and Work are the cornerstones of our humanness.”